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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  March 19, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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[ male announcer ] if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> a fox urgeent. u.s. and allied forces firing on libya igniting the biggest international military effort since the iraq war. this is a special edition of the fox report. new images showing u.s. navy ships firing missiles at qaddafi air defenses and teeping up with britain,itiny and canada all to support a
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rebel uprising in that country. it appears on the verge of defeat. secretary of state hillary clinton said left unchecked qaddafi will commit unspeakable atrocities . the first shots coming from french fighter jets. a plane shot down over the outskirts of benghazi bursting in flames . crashed and sending thick black smoke in the sky. rebels, cheering and celebrating as international forces move in tryying to protect them. so far 112 cruz missiles launched near tripoli. we have fox news team coverage on the ground . mike emanuel is traveling with the president in brazil and steve first in tripoli. steve, any reaction from qaddafi to the air trikes?
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>>reporter: john, what we heard from qaddafi in the past several days. one of defiance and he said he will retaliate against military or civilian targets in the mediterranean region and open up his arms depo and allow the people to take up arms against the invaders. he called the attackers zionist and invaders. we saw qaddafi on tv before the tvs almost dail yenow it was not it was a phone call played on state television and for a man who speak for hours at a time it was three minutes a gone. qaddafi went from live appearances to surrup ticious phone calls played onitate television. >> benghazi was the last trong hold of the rebels. what about the fighting there, is it still underway? >>reporter: it is a very
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situation for the 700,000 plus who live in the rebel stronghold. they are heading east in their cars and several hours of shelling of benghazi from tanks and artillery belonging to qaddafi armed fores. it is a real challenge for coalition war planes to protect civilians in benghazi because qaddafi forces are already in the outscirs of that city. both tanks and ground troops in the rebel stronghold. >> steve, live from tripoli. thank you, steve. >> president obama announcing he authorized u.s. military to launch operation forces against brazil. the commander-in-chief said he is aware of the risks but the libyan leader ignored warnings to stop brutalizing his own
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people. >> i want the american people to know that the use of force is not the first choice and not a choice i make lightly. we cannot stand by when a tyrant tells his poom there will be no mercy and where innocent men and women face brutality and death at the hands of theiron government. we must be clear. actions have consequences and the writ of the international community must be enforced. >> white house correspondant mike emanuel is live in brazil with more. sounds like the president emphasizing we are not in this alone, right, mike? >> no question about that. good evening. the president talking about it being a limited military action and multiple times, he hit the words and coalition . here's more from the command her in chief. >> as a part of this effort.
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the united states will contribute our unique capabilities in the front end of the mission to protect libyan civilians and enable the enforcement of a no fly zone that is led by international partners. as i said yesterday, we will not. i repeat will not deploy any u.s. troops on the ground. >> interesting timing of this. this happens to mark eight years to the day the anniversary of the invasion of the iraq war and so now, the president authorizing limited military action in libya, john. >> with so much going on in the world. attacks in libya and the crisis in japan, and any talk of the president cutting his trip short in >> john, white house aids before the trip emphasized that the president travels with substantial staff and has capability to cope in touch with the staff back home and world leaders around the
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world. the president was briefed on thuation in libya today and delayedentious rents here in brazil but they felt like it was important to do . made a phone call to an arab ally as well. there are no plans for him to cut short the trip can due to spend more time in brazil and chile and el sal vador. >> mike emanuel traveling with the president in brazil. >> u.s. operations underway against libya. >> the navy launched the first tomahawk missiles against libya air defenses. what more can we expect from the fores in the mediterranean in with more we go to jennifer griffin lives in the pentagon. is the u.s. leading the operation? >> i would say, yes, in fact, the french may have flown the
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first air sorties. but the u.s. is in command and control of the coalition operation with the first tomahawks fired. it is basically u.s. vessels that are doing most of the firing. there is a submarine and 111 u.s. naval war ships. we have the first pictures from the uss berry of the tomahawks being launched. 112 missiles were fired and triking 20 sites in libya tonight. the u.s. doesn't plan to be involved in the lead for long. they will hand over in transition in a matter of few days but they are in command and control because of unique capabilities with the tomahawks that the u.s. has in triking the air defense system. fox news sunday, they will talk more about the logistics of the operation. >> air defense system.
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how long before we get the bomb damage assessment? >> it could be from hours we are told, in the next day or so, they are going to need to make sure the sa 5 air defense systems and soviet air defense systems are out . make sure they do bomb damage assessments before they fly the global hawk over to get more had surveillance of the scenes. we are getting first reports from the ground from misrata. half of the 20 attacks. qaddafi has the third largest air base and report that is tomahawks hit the air force academy. listen to the vice admiral about the u.s. assets that are involved. >> this is their mission. >> the missile defense much like iraq and surrounded baghdad and built on older
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soviet technology. but still, good capabilities. >> again, vice admiral gorny said they expect that while this is a pretty good air defense system similar to the one in iraq which ironically with mike emanuel the invasion was launched back on this day in 2003. we are waiting to hear more about the bomb damage asessment. >> we heard the admiral talk about qaddafi's air defense. how strong are they and how long will it take to destroy them in >> in the initial hours tell take 6 or 12 hours to get the first bomb damage assessment, but the u.s. and pentagon expecting it will be a matter of days, just a couple of days and then they
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will transition control back to the coalition. there is a navy admiral who is in charge of the joint task force and they plan to transition that in the coming days. >> jennifer griffin life in the pentagon. jennifer, thank you. here now to explain the role of the u.s. military and tell us what our troops are facing. the retired vice chief-of-staff . i don't want to mislead anybody. the president said no ground forces, but the air crews will face danger, won't they in >> first of all, taking down the integrated air defense will take two or three days to do that and i am sure the 112 cruise missile attack is a devastating result for the libyans . what this is about,liminating any threat to our airplanes. it is less about a no fly and
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eliminating the threat to our airports. the size of forces that qaddafi has is not his air power but his ground forces and we'll see the coalition fighters attack those ground forces. >> they call it a no fly zone, it is apparently within the u.n. perview and order that the war planes can go after tanks and other piece was ground equipment. >> the key statement in that document is use all measures necessary. that gives them the freedom to deal with qaddafi's ground forces which will be deceasive. those ground forces today are within artillery range and within tank range of the population centers. first thing from those trike forces will be to attack that artillery and attack the armored forces and separate
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them from populations and destroy it and push them back from the population centers. >> jennifer griffin and mike emanuel pointed out, we are eight years removed from the start of the gulf war. and winning the victory against baghdad was easy and then it was what came after it that raised so many question marks. what do you see happening if we destroy the tanks and military of muammar grad grad. >> any regime will seek what they had lost. saddam hussein had done that and it is too early to tell what will play out libya. i am convinced we'll have the combat power to be deceasive against his ground forces in a military sense. you would imagine that would weaken the resolve of the qaddafi regime. particularly those who are close to him and i think we will see more defections
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against him . there will be a gradual escalation of military operations as we move forward and i think the fabric of his political support will break down further. >> there are suggestions that the u.s. is taking the lead because of our technological capabilities ins the cruise missiles et cetera and after a few days we might back away and let the british and french do the war fighting, , you agree? >>s i think that is what is said. clearly the president of france is a leader in putting this coalition together with the other nations supporting it. he ran a limited air campaign to demonstrate that . the fact of the matter is, i think virtually all of the coalition aircraft that are going to strike are going to come from other countris and certainly not ours and in the early phase, we'll have command and control responsibility to take down
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the air defense systems and so we can gain control of the air space and turn over to the coalition commander who runs the rest of the campaign. >> thank you, sir. in japan, progress made in containing the nuclear disaster. new words that the contamination is entering into japan's food supply. who is saying it is too early to sound the all clear. i'm not having a heart attack. it's my back. it works great f pain. [ male announcer nothing's proven to relieve pain better than extra strength bayer aspirin. it rushes relief to the site of pain. feel better? yeah. thanks for the tip. it rushes relief to the site of pain. the best approach to food is to keep it whole for better nutrition. that's what they do with great grains cereal. they steam and bake the actual whole grain while the other guy's flake is more processed. mmm. great grains. the whole whole grain cereal.
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>> one man got so angry he quit his job. he was appointed to the position by qaddafi in 2009. lhe disowned qaddafi in the wake of all of the killing. i had the opportunity to speak with the former ambassador to the u.s..
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>> we are happen they will win and they will deal with this regime and criminal cheer from all over ribia and i am sure the intervention . he will see a different one again. that is very true, i must be honest with you that it is i am here and with the resolution of the united nations security council . it came late but together, wewill be able it handet the
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situation now . >> here is a interview with the former ambassor lebia. we are live in libya as the u.s. launches the first strikes against the qaddafi regime. we'll look at the latest. first, the nuclear crisis in japan. how close are they to getting the power back on in the plant. we received word that the american public service passed away. former secretary of state warren christopher died in los angeles. christopher served in the clinton administration where we on worked for piece. he was chief negotiator for the release of hostages. warren christopher dead @ agent of 85. customer. okay, but what does it do?
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>> in yap jap, traces of radiation found in the local nood supply found near the nuclear power plant. s are works to restore electricity at the plant and firefighters pump in ocean water to cool down nuclear fuel rods. some radiation detected in the tokyo tap water. 150 miles away. they are treming live from osaka, japanment >> yeah, bad news and conserve ability good news on the nuclear reactor front. everies are feverishly to get down the temperature control the radiation in the troubled reactors to avoid that core melt down. officials have finished up the
7:24 pm
doucing with sea water. and pop that through to the facility and now we are told they are going to move on to the second worst destroyed in the facility and and electrical lines to the reactors. and hoping that there is eligibility in the reactors to see if this is a long shot if the cooling pumps do work. and it would be - on and it is broader health front and traces, i want to underscore that. traces of higher than normal levels of radioactive iodine found in and it is a little bit of a higher level of those
7:25 pm
iodine and traces and smaller traces in the tap water in the area and again the health officials are saying it is not a big threat to the population and they are looking at perhaps controlling both the sales of the produce and consumption of the water it is a corn . more attention day boy day paid to the huge humanitarian challenge left in the wake of a earthquake and tsunami . recapping . japanese times said 7600 dead and 11,700 miss half million people in the evacuation shelters . again, day boy day, relief effort which the government has gotten criticism for that it was not moving forward fast enough as the government was transfixed by the nuclear chrisisuation. more attention is paid to that and more help to the hundreds
7:26 pm
of thousands of people. one last note, the price tag keeps going up. estimate is 200 billion. back to you. >> thank you, greg live in osaka. >> take a look at dash cam video showed the car in disaster. the driver left with no options as the water covers the road in seconds. he was afraid to leave the car and waited long enough for the water to recede. we'll return live to libya where the biggest operation in the arab world since the invasion of iraq is underway. we are reporters on the ground in stronghold of qaddafi . new developments in yemen to bahrain where a symbol of the
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>> time for the top of the news. new video showing the united states military launching an assault on libyan air defense and firing 114 tomahawk cruise missiles at 20 targets on the libyan coast all part of the effort to protect people of libya from their own leader.
7:31 pm
today's action is meant to clear the way for european no fly zone in the country. >> so far opposition leaders are holding on. watching the libya plane after it was shot down. it burst in flames and sent thick black smoke. rebels celebrated at the sight of it. >> steve is in the western part of the country where qaddafi holds on to power. what is the latest, steve in >>reporter: john, the latest from colonel qaddafi is a message of defiance on state television can telephone conversation he said if the invaders were zionist and he would open up his arms depo to have the people fight back and most alarmingly threatened retaliation against all countries involved and all military and civilian targets would be fair game.
7:32 pm
this is a man who carried out terrorist attack in the past. 110 cruise missile trikes came from the u.s. war ships and submarines and uk submarines in the mediterranean. they targeted 20 different targets. u.s. officials saying the damage in the strikes would be known in the morning hours they are targeting the antiaircraft. libyan state tv said there are large amounts of civilian casultis and the hospitals are filling up . they offered no proof of that and here in downtown tripoli no sound of sirens going to the hospitals. as far as the people in benghazi, that is a criticaluation. there are shells with tanks and artilleries in the day with qaddafi forces and many of those 700,000 people who live in the city chose to flee. it is a tough job for the
7:33 pm
coalition war planes to dislodge qaddafi forces as tanks and ground troops are in the rebel stronghold. back to you. >> john: thank you, steve. >> secretary of state hillary clinton and other international leaders gathering for an emergency meeting in paris today to discuss the military action against libya. secretary clinton making it clear that the world community is united against qaddafi regime. >> the international community came together to peek with one voice and to deliver a clear and consistent message. colonel qaddafi's campaign of violence against his own people must stop. and holly has hear in washington. >> to that end. secretary clinton stated it is a international military and diplomatic effort and those at the table today believe it is time to take action . here's what she said about the
7:34 pm
u.s. role in libya. >> america has unique capabilities and we'll bring them to bear to help our european and canadian alleys to stop the violence against civilians through an effective implementation of a no fly zone. president obama said the united states will not deploy groundd troops but make no mistake our commitment to the effort. >> secretary clenton arrived in the summit in paris . french president sarkozy hosted the meeting in paris and he and other leaders said qaddafi had left the community no other choice but to intervene and enforce the resolution and save the lives of libyan citizens. >> we are doing this in order
7:35 pm
to protect the civilian population from the murderous madness of a regime that by killing its own people forfieted all legitimacy. >> the time for action has come and it needs to be urgeent . we can't allow the slaughter of civilians to continue. >> secretary clinton said thacious rab support is crucial. show expects more support as the effort progresses. >> john: thank you molly. >> libya is not the only region of the irab world drawing worries today. yemen a new crack down on government protestors. security forces cracked down on the crowds calling for the
7:36 pm
yemen u.s. backed president. and military in bahrain used bull dozers to demolish the monument there . violence erupted there earlier this week. there are reports that at least five people were killed in the confrontation . reports in a deadly face off with government forces in syria. this grainy footage was shot there, but we can't confirm the auth10 tisity. there is a large unrest and five people were killed by syrian security forces. >> two different scenes, first in israel where air strikes in the gaza area took out a member of a terrorist group . in egypt where a ousted the president action in the polls. here is more and sarah takes
7:37 pm
aaround the world in 80 seconds. >> gaza, israeli air strikes killing one hamas member and injurying at least four civilians according to the gaza health ministry. israeli authorities said the strike was in response to heavy mortar fire on israeli border communities. israeli police say the palestinian shelling was the most they had seen in years. egypt, a national revendum drawing large crowds to polling station. they're voting for term limits and emergency power . australia, crowds cheering for the arrival of british royal prince william . he is lending support for areas hit by flood cyclone. he greeted the volunteers in
7:38 pm
the medical facility. people in several states getting a chance to meet the prince in person. >> germany a beloved polar bear found dead in the command. he had attracted fans to the zoo and gaining popularity after his mom abandoned him at birth. cause of death is unknown. that is a wrap in the trip around the world. >> our thanks to harris. and libya is no stranger to run in thes with the u.s. and world. looking back at the conflict and how he earn happened the nickname of the mad dog in the middle east . this about a former aid to president ronald reagan.
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the 40 year regime. tensions stretch back to the reagan administration . peter doocy joins us with a look back at the string of violence that ignited american hostilities with libya. >> it is 25 years since president reagan called qaddafi the mad dog of the middle east. that gives you an idea of what things have been like in the country and even ooch before hand. 1981, qaddafi laid claim to a big chunk and the american f-14 had to hoot down fighter jet in self defense. our sixth fleet sailed over the imaginary line of gulf of sidra and when challenged our navy sunk two of their ships . president reagan ordered powerful strikes days after the bomb blast after the blast
7:43 pm
in berlin. that injured 229 others including 79 americans. reagan said at the time we had evidence that libya was behind the bope he also said this. >> when our citizens are abused and attacked in the world on direct orders of a hostile regime we'll repond as long as i am in the oval office. self defense is a right and our duty. >> 1986 air strikes did not put an end to libyan terror forever. because two years later, libyan intelligence agent planted the bomb that destroyed the pan am 183 over scotland and they had to shoot down jets to protect the us john f. kennedy. libyan has developed a weapons of mass destruction program that they dismantled in 2003 to gain favor with the rest of
7:44 pm
the world. any good will directed at them since then is likely reconsidered right now. in washington, peter doocy. fox news. >> so an all out assault on libyan air dance. launching missile attacks from the mediterranean . take a lock at newly released photos from the u.s. navy. american fores teaming up with britain and canada initilyy in an attempt to protect the libyans from their leader. only the first phase of what senior military officials are calling a multiphase operation. here with invite -- insight is casey mcfar land who did work with reagan. so a lot of people say it is coming too late and should have been done a week or two weeks ago. can qaddafi any way with
7:45 pm
strand. >> the next 48 hours. will he destroy the rebels before the coalition have an opportunity to destroy them. >> he is definitely trying to do that. he leaves libya to go to the court. he he will fight to the last man . you will see it will get bloody . the other thing that can happen. the coalition can succeed militariy. but the question for the limited wars or wars of intervention is what happens next? we are in the middle of a civil war like in an afghanistan and iraq. it is a limited engagement and the obama doctrine you will see if the result of this, he believes in limited war and protect the civilians and limited operations and using aircraft aircraft and no ground forces .
7:46 pm
then the question is two things. what happens next and what happens after the coalition forces prevail. do they force a regime change or force qaddafi out or just want to protect the civilians. stop the slaughter of the innocent. is it the east which is under the control of the rebels and the west which is qaddafi . finally. we have a new precedent here. it is it a war of intervention. >> john: informed speculation suggest that members of his national security team were afraid there would be another rwanda in the making here if you intervene and that is what impel would them to push for the u.n. no fly zone and military action. >> that makes a lot of sense. this is reagan on. who talked about self defense. we have had wars of self defense but not wars of
7:47 pm
intervention. war to protect other citizens it may be a good or bad thing, but it is not a sure thing. >> one thing to go after a nation it bomb would u.s. servicemen. >> and what is the precedent. we have intervened to help and protect people slaughtered by their leader. the same thing is happening in iran. potentially what happened in bahrain? this could set up a whole new warfare and this is the third war in the middle east. mr. #1: in observers say if you let the tough guy. qaddafi crack down on his own people in this bloody way, and get away with it and stay standing, you are sending a message in the mullahs in iran. >> that they can crack head and no one will come to the defense of their people. it is complicated and everyone
7:48 pm
in the middle east it is a different story and dynamic. we want to have a overall policy on all of them and we may not. the last thing we want and main strategiic interest is saudi arabia and the oil. libya is important but not a strategic interest of our like saudi arabia is. >> john: barack obama following in the foot steps of reagan. >> just the opposite. reagan was the only president who did not do the limited wars. he would defend. but he did not get caught up in the ground war in middle east. after there was a bombing. >> john: interesting. pentagon flexes military might and keeping its eye on a far more powerful force. will whether cooperate with odessy dawn?
7:49 pm
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>> john: the pentagon saying u.s. and british ships and submarines fired 114 tomahawk cruise missiles at libyan targets. this is video of one of those missiles fired on the libyan mediterranean coast is a first phase in an effort to ground qaddafi's air force. with more we will go to jennifer griffin live in the pentagon. it is my understanding that the french airlines made the first manned air strikes. >> they did. the u.s. is firmly in charge of the command and control of the joint operation. they have unique capabilities that they are employing and they are the ones in the next couple of hours and tomahawk
7:53 pm
missiles are fired and they are the one that is are in command and control. this picture was taken off of the uss mount whitney before prages began. it is on board that command and control trip in the mediterranean that the u.s. admiral is in charge on board of the whitny and this was taken on the assault trip. showing that the missiles are fired off the uss berry. britain, u.s. and france and canada and italy . arab countrying will announce publicly. qatar and united arab emirates. the pentagon is waiting for them to announce that publicly. they are considering joining the coalition it is notable that ei didn't want and saudi arabia are not part of the coalition. >> you talk about the unique
7:54 pm
capants that the u.s. brings to the fight. what do you mean by that? >> it is the tomahawk cruise missiles fired from the submarines and u.s. destroyers. one subfired a missile and you have three u.s. submarines involved and one british suband 25 coalition ships in the mediterranean. here is vice admiral big gordy on the tomahawk capability. >> it is a mixture of the older tomahawks and newer ones. >> you can take pictures. >> not pictures. they give us the ability to loiter and then we can shoot them a target and they'll to the target n this mission we used them as one of the older tomahawks a. no they are clearing the air pace for the fighters to go in? >> they will allow us to penetrate, behawe would call a
7:55 pm
medium to high threat. >> don't be surprised to see uss 22s. they are stealth fight are jets in the coming days. air force secret staff mentioned they would be likeliful individual. they will not put them up there until the air defense system that qaddafi can susing. the same soviet system that saddam hussein used eight years ago when the coalition forces launch invaded iraq. we'll know in the the coming hours what the damage to it was. you will not see f22s above libya until the fa 5s are taken out. >> thank you, jennifer live in the pentagon. >> what are conscience like in libya as the u.s. and allies enforce the new no flyy zone . live in hawks weather center. >> good to see you and a
7:56 pm
pretty quiet weather in libya. that will be the story for the next couple of days want only thing i did see with were spotty showers in tripoli . otherwise benghazi and the rebel hold should be fine with mostly clear skies and gusty wins between 10-20 miles per hour. i don't think that will be a big concern. bigger concern in japan. a new storm system that will be rolling on through . you can see on the satellite image to the west of japan. that will be shifting east ward and bringing rain. sunday evening over there wrapping up sunday morning and that could have radioactive vapors and put it back in the ground and we have respects of radioactive levels exceeding the government safety levels in spinach and milk . not something you want to hear. >> john: not at all.
7:57 pm
maria molena in the fox weather center. thank you. >> now marks a beginning of a new military operation. u.s. missile striking libya yust hours ago. live respects in libya . latest on the military effort. largest since the iraq war . new word on the u.s. operation. let fidelity help you find the answers. our investment professionals work with you to help you make the most of your retirement and enjoy the life you've saved for. fidelity investments. where leading companies and millions of people go to get the real answers they need. call today. you need to do the preventative things that you need to do for your heart health. for me, it means an aspirin regimen.
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